Wednesday, April 29, 2015

i'll see you soon then.

it seems as though I've somewhat abandoned this space, it's unfortunate and I'm not thrilled about it but I've been playing a waiting game for a while now, willing my words to come back to me after their trip to some far off land I cannot find.

until they return, I'm keeping any small thoughts I find in a journal.

pen to paper.
my old friends.

thanks for reading.
i hope to see you someday soon.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

a farewell to march.

Working on letting spring renew and refresh me.

Work has been very busy and at times quite chaotic.
I worked on a short film the past couple of weekends, it was good fun but I was so tired from too many long hours.

But tonight I escaped to the beach. I was in need of the sea. I was missing Australia’s coast, and the calming effect of the ocean on my mind and body. The smell of the salt, the crash of the waves, the breeze after a long hot day.
So I called on my favorite girl, and we set out on a drive in late afternoon sun in our best dresses and watched the sun set, danced in the sand, and spotted Orion’s Belt in the sky after all other beach goers had long gone.
We talked about how crazy stars are, how big and bright they are, and how we feel as though humans aren't connected to the universe though we wish we were.
The stars and the ocean make me feel small.
They ground me, make me feel calm. I am grateful for them always.

I needed today. And it was perfect.

(thanks meils, I love you!)


Monday, February 23, 2015

light rain.

A case of the blues. Not the mean reds. Just a little light rain, and a pale shade of blue.

- Last week I started a new job.
- On valentine's day I had dinner with my family, and it reminded me of how much I love those humans of mine.
- I recently got an update on two of my littles that moved to London, along with pictures that melted my heart.
- A few days ago I received a long letter in the mail from one of my loveliest friends who moved far away.
- Yesterday I saw the remnants of a terrible accident up in the canyon due to rain.
I'd just started winding up the hill, through dark rich greenery and beautifully dark clouds, bon iver echoing, when the cars in front of me came to a complete standstill for more than twenty minutes.
By then a police officer and ambulance had rushed past. When we were allowed to pass through, I drove past two smashed cars, two flipped cars, and a lot of debris.
- However I ended last night watching the oscars with my best friend and then talking for hours.
It's a beautiful thing to have known someone since you were 8, and never ever run out of things to talk about.
- Today was very quiet.

That's kind of all that's been going on as of late.
I love the girls at my work (Anthropologie). They're wonderful and kind, and I've picked up quite a few shifts so I am getting to know them well. I've spent a few evenings here and there with friends, and have done another few shoots with bloggers: AmberAllysa, and Sivan.

I am thinking about what path I want to take for school, transitioning from my time at university in Australia, to a college here in LA. For some it's an easy decision, but these are the kind of things that weigh heavily on my heart. I lost some of the confidence I had a few years back and sometimes find myself frightened of changes and challenges I used to welcome.
It's a work in progress.

I'm trying to find my voice again, and carve out time to journal some of my thoughts down. I'm not forcing any creativity, but going over the motions might help it find it's way back to me.

v-day goodies from my mother

dinner with my bears.

recent outfit

I've decided that this year I want to do a bit of exploring up and down this california coast. While my heart is set on spending some time in big sur, I'm going to have to save that for a later date this year. But I'm looking forward to spending time in the sun by the water, where I belong, and I've managed to rope my favorite gal Amelia into it, so I can't wait for the memories and photos that will come out of those monthly adventures.

I tend to be a creature of melancholy. I live in a world of daydreams, and those who know me are aware I'm quite comfortable there. That's where I'm at, and I'm quite happy and content here.

I'm going to make this year a good one, by taking the time to heal the parts of me that had begun to fall apart. Time to open the curtains and let some light in.

I hope february has been good to you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It's been so good to catch up and see so many of my friends.
I'm still waiting to hear about a couple job opportunities, but I really need something to start filling my time. Idle hands, idle mind.

This weekend I help one of my best friend's little sister with some photos for her blog over on B.P. nordstrom's site.

Isn't she stunning? Such a precious little flower.

I helped Amelia shoot a wedding on Saturday evening. Though we were both slightly out of our comfort zones we had a good laugh together and proceeded to take these images in a rainy carls jr parking lot after. I am so grateful for her, and how long our friendship has lasted. Her soul matches mine, she is my other half. I love her so!

I'm learning I'm not much of an animal person. I mean, I love animals, they're amazing, and I have two dogs of my own (who are the cutest. ever.) but I'm not a huge fan of being licked and shed all over. Which is why I think Taffy loved me so much. I just give off that vibe. We look like best friends though, don't we?

My Mum made me go to wal-mart with her tonight and I really think people are appreciating my snapchat-story.

I'm working on a series of films with friends and it's nice to get my hands working and be apart of something again. It's looking like it's going to be good, and it's always nice to work with people you really respect and know so well.

Other than that, here are some images from my sunny afternoons.

kisses for this week

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

a change could do you good.

I did something I haven't done in five or so years.
I cut a fair few inches of my hair.
There's a small part of my personality that occasionally gets antsy and responds impulsively.
No need to worry, it only acts out every 4-5 years.

I've been feeling pulled lately.
I have an ache for the woods and the water. rivers that run into lakes, and trees that reach to the skies.
I want to feel whole and balanced again, and big open spaces have a tendency to renew me.
so, I'm thinking about heading up to big sur for a few days sometime soon.
(or maybe I'll just move to east tennessee?)

for now I wander around the house, singing here and there, and soaking up the warmth of the afternoon sun that peeks in through the shutters.
I've been feeling an overwhelming gratitude for the beauty of the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and the beauty of nature in general lately. we are lucky to get a new start in life every single day. blessed to watch the moon renew itself every month.

on my way home through the canyon

and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be and feel at home for awhile. I love my sweet family so much, and I'm not taking any time with them for granted at the moment. the normalcies are the pieces we look back and cherish most. so i'm keeping all our daily adventures and saving them in a jar.

sunday morning hike


hope life is beautiful this week, wherever you are.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

to versailles we go.

today was a day for nostalgia.

it's something I daydream about, and will spend whole days soaking in.
back in my old bedroom, I pulled on a sweater and hauled my bike out of the garage and went riding around my neighborhood. down my street, past my elementary school, middle school, high school. down the streets I used to walk everyday, past the houses of people I used to know.

it rained on and off today, the air was crisp, but I was still reminded of summers spent selling terribly made lemonade. I've listened to tracy chapman's 'fast car' quite a few times today. allison krauss, norah jones, eva cassidy, the mamas & the papas etc. all that good music I grew up twirling around the living room too.

anyways, on the second day of 2015 my best friend emily and I took the train out to versailles. we wandered through the ch√Ęteau and a very crowded hall of mirrors. (the amount of tourists were unreal (I know I'm technically a tourist too..)
the afternoon light and chandeliers made for a pretty picture.

we later moved onto the gardens, where we picnicked by the pond, and I promised to return in summer so that we could enjoy a little ride in a rowboat.

so stunning.
we managed to get into le grand trianon with student passes, and spent the remainder of our time in that garden as a brilliant pink sun set over the lovely pink palace. the magical sky convinced us to shed our coats and jump around for a few pictures before we absolutely froze.

I mean, in all honesty, I feel like I might be marie antoinette reincarnated. just sayin'.

couldn't ask for a more stunning human to be my best friend.

that concludes most of our versailles trip.
after these photos, the sun continued to disappear, the gates had long ago been locked and we, among others, ended up climbing over a wall in the gardens to make our way back to paths that lead out of versailles. whoops.

i'll be back with amsterdam pictures soon.