Sunday, January 11, 2015

to versailles we go.

today was a day for nostalgia.

it's something I daydream about, and will spend whole days soaking in.
back in my old bedroom, I pulled on a sweater and hauled my bike out of the garage and went riding around my neighborhood. down my street, past my elementary school, middle school, high school. down the streets I used to walk everyday, past the houses of people I used to know.

it rained on and off today, the air was crisp, but I was still reminded of summers spent selling terribly made lemonade. I've listened to tracy chapman's 'fast car' quite a few times today. allison krauss, norah jones, eva cassidy, the mamas & the papas etc. all that good music I grew up twirling around the living room too.

anyways, on the second day of 2015 my best friend emily and I took the train out to versailles. we wandered through the ch√Ęteau and a very crowded hall of mirrors. (the amount of tourists were unreal (I know I'm technically a tourist too..)
the afternoon light and chandeliers made for a pretty picture.

we later moved onto the gardens, where we picnicked by the pond, and I promised to return in summer so that we could enjoy a little ride in a rowboat.

so stunning.
we managed to get into le grand trianon with student passes, and spent the remainder of our time in that garden as a brilliant pink sun set over the lovely pink palace. the magical sky convinced us to shed our coats and jump around for a few pictures before we absolutely froze.

I mean, in all honesty, I feel like I might be marie antoinette reincarnated. just sayin'.

couldn't ask for a more stunning human to be my best friend.

that concludes most of our versailles trip.
after these photos, the sun continued to disappear, the gates had long ago been locked and we, among others, ended up climbing over a wall in the gardens to make our way back to paths that lead out of versailles. whoops.

i'll be back with amsterdam pictures soon.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

two zero one five.

I spent the last ten days running all over Paris and then Amsterdam.
It was such an adventure, I already miss it so much. 
I have plenty of photos to share soon.
I hope your year is off to a wonderful start.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

a peek at christmas

my australian family came to us this holiday season, arriving in waves, and slowly filling up bedrooms and this house with constant singing, dancing, and laughter.
we've eaten lots of food, had a couple of fights, but mostly a lot of joking around.

it's so nice to all be in one place, as it only happens once every two years or so.

christmas morning has always been big in our family.
you wake to a tree absolutely overflowing with presents. we get downright spoiled rotten. everyone does. this christmas, 12 people had to wake, eat breakfast, some of us went on walks, and then (as my brother lost all patience) mum divvied out all the presents and the opening process took about an hour.
the wrapping paper and boxes could have made an entire preschools worth of children happy with new "race cars".

we all got semi-dressed up for christmas dinner, and had a huge feast, all at the same table. It was delicious and crowded. the only way we know how ;)

i hope this holiday season continues to surround you in love and warmth.
i'm off to paris tomorrow to see my best friend and ring in the new year.
i hope there are fireworks and joy wherever you may be.


Friday, December 12, 2014


I've just come home from the snow.

I arrived back in the states in the last week of November, after throwing a surprise birthday party, attending a concert, a musical, and getting a last few brunches in with friends. I was trying not to get too sentimental, but some part of me knew that it could well be my last farewell for sometime.
And I think that feeling may have just been confirmed.

It's hard to explain to people how you could want to leave a beautiful place. But although home can be anywhere, a place, a tree, a person, some things are more home than others.
While I find a strong sense of home in the moon, and in the sea (that might sound strange, but they are valid ties), the overwhelming sense of home lives in people, my people. My Mum and my Dad, my two little-huge brothers. My friends down the street. This house. This little patch of earth, for now, is my homiest home. And that's all I can really say.

My father and I flew into Vancouver last week, and then drove to Hope, and onto Summerland where my family resides. This trip will probably stay with me more than any other trip I have had, or will have. I got to meet two of my cousins beautiful boys. They are all healthy, happy, and incredibly wonderful. I so enjoyed the small time I got to share with them.

     On Sunday afternoon, we drove into Kelowna to have lunch at my Aunt's, and during our stay she pulled out all the old photos my Grandpa had given her as he cleaned out his home. Hundreds of perfectly kept, beautiful photos from the 1910's, 20's, 30's, 40's and so on. I knew my Grandpa had a brother that was killed in France in WWII, but being able to see photos of him growing created the air of a soul that once was. I also found out that he'd had an older sister, who had passed before he was born at only 5 years of age. Would you believe there were a handful of photos of her? From 1914? I was amazed, and completely taken with her sweet face and scruffed up Mary Janes. Among these things were telegrams and handwritten letters full of sorrow about my Great Uncle's death, but though the words are still heavy on the page, they leapt forward and summoned up images from that time and it really is something.
     We spent a lot of time in the car, but I am grateful in particular for one evening, where I sat at my Grandpa's knee and listened to him tell me everything about his service in WWII. I showed him all the pictures I was taking home, and he laughed as his memories replayed in his mind. Moments he lived long before I was born. I miss him already. I feel privileged to be tied to so much history.

I don't have any phone reception in North America with my Australian phone, but the serene and still winter landscapes left no need for technology, except to try and capture it's quiet and cool beauty.

On our last day, we paid a small visit to my one of my cousins' houses so we could meet their three little boys. Sweet as can be. I was in heaven, as I always am around babies. Here's a picture of part of their back yard.

Until summertime, Summerland. I love you so.

billie jane

Friday, October 10, 2014


from a recent trip to my friend's gorgeous little house in palm beach.

it seems i am quite terrible at blogging, though i have been documenting my life in my own small ways for as long as i can remember.

i lost my love for my camera sometime during this year. i lost my words too.

it broke my heart a little bit, and i've had a lot of breakdowns along this road of recovery.
i've spent a lot of this year 'figuring things out'.
i'm still not a thousand percent sure what i'm doing, or where i'm going to be doing it yet, nothings stable in my heart just yet. i'm still finding my way, and that's okay.

i'm trying.

one thing that hasn't been lost is my love for being out there in the world. this year alone, i've been home to los angeles three times, out to the desert twice, and to the northern beaches here in sydney. and before the year is up, i'll be home once more, and then on to canada, and finally beginning the year in paris. it seems i'm in a different country for new years every year. i'm not complaining.

here's to finding yourself, through backroads and overgrown paths.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

saying goodbye to winter.

everyone's asleep but i just want to listen to my music.
the sweet sounds on an orchestra, the gentleness in justin vernon's soothing slurred melodies.
i am tired, but i can't sleep.

until i fall in love with my camera again, i've been taking easy outfit-portraits and snaps of the world i live in via my trusty iphone. i've been posting them here:

we celebrated my uncle's birthday last week. ollie was allowed to supervise the candles...

saying adieu to a very cold and wet winter. bondi, you sure are beautiful, but give us some of that springtime sun so i can enjoy you better.

some artwork i found on a stroll around the neighborhood, and waiting for the bus in my wells on one of the aforementioned rainy days.

some recent purchases: a cronut at university one day with my friend izzy, and a very necessary clueless notebook.


an outfit from last sunday...

and a stripy one from monday!

got lucky on the 'first day of spring' and had clear blue skies for a couple hours before the grey clouds moved in. i lay out in the sun with my babies for awhile.

an outfit from today.

i am much happier these days, halfway through this second semester of university and doing my best to keep up. sharing a lot more laughter with good friends and enjoying my classes a little more. going to a few concerts, working too much as usual, but it'll all pay off in the end, as i've just booked a flight to paris at close of this year.
good things to come. i'll leave you with this view.

billie jane